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Connection Error - Annabeth Albert

BR with Paul 


Cute, but the first 2 were better.

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Connection Error - Annabeth Albert

I'm enjoying this very much!

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Connection Error - Annabeth Albert

BR with Paul


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Don't Twunk With My Heart (Loving You Book 2) - Renae Kaye meh

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Don't Twunk With My Heart (Loving You Book 2) - Renae Kaye

ummm.. I think i'm starting to dislike this....

What about Everything - John  Goode

p.s. this review may contain mild spoilers (i didn't include any of the good plot stuff) but we warned! 


GAH! John has done it again! I looooooved, loved, loved "What about everything?"!!!



This was such a beautiful combination of hilarious, "melt your heart mushy", "bang your head on the wall and scream", hyperventilating, "die, die, die", "I want this to be real" and "happy tears" moments! As always with a John Goode book you're taken on a kickass  roller coaster of emotions :D 


You ever wondered what happened to the happy couple at the end of the movie/book? I did! All the time! Did they live happily ever after without any bump in the road? Was it all a perfect, mushy and boring moment after an other? Well... you'll get your answers here :D 


Our guys' story pick ups a year into their relationship and although oblivious (but so endearing) Tyler is perfectly good with how things are, Matt wants more. Now before you go all "Well, Tyler? Why are you such a bad boyfriend and don't get a hint?" let me tell you Matt is not so good at telling Tyler what he wants either. They're like two bulls in a china shop or as Robbie so eloquently told Sebastian:


“Those two couldn’t count to twenty-one unless they were naked. Of course we’re going to help them.”

Yes! That's right! We get a huge dose of Robbie and Sebastian too!!! *waits patiently while you fangirl* 


What follows is a "CAN'T BREATHE" HILARIOUS train wreak where Tyler tries making it up to Matt I won't describe because you have to experience it for yourself. Trust me! I am gonna say "Puppygeddon" was a thing. *starts laughing again just remembering it*


But Robbie comes to the rescue again and this is how all our boys go on a Disney cruise!


Now let me try to explain to you about the pantheon of animation royalty. Everyone assumes that there are two sides. On one side you have Mickey the freaking Mouse, lord of all that is Disney. On the other is Bugs Bunny, clown prince of Warner Brothers. The common mistake is that the two characters have equal footing, but that’s not true. Mickey came first by a couple of decades. He’d given up on Bugs’ slapstick kind of comedy well before the rabbit was ever drawn. So this isn’t a Coke versus Pepsi kind of thing.

This was a water versus 7UP kind of thing. One is necessary for life; the other is fun to drink from time to time. - Matt

*this was one of my favorite quotes in the book*


Now I want to say that the way John described this cruise is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I am in awe of the stuff he came up with! Really, John! I hope you're happy cause now I'm all heartbroken that this cruise doesn't actually exist and I can never go on it *pouts*

But maaaan, this was such thing to experience. I'm not gonna go into details, because I don't want to spoil it for you but if you're a Disney fan (or even if you're not) you'll think you have died and gone to heaven!!!


But of course after you get all mushy and happy and think "awww, look the boys are happy! this is perfect! " BAM!!! You get hit right in the nuts (or the boobs) and things start to unravel cause of course we had to have an evil bitch and asshole from hell come and ruin our fun! (you're gonna be shocked about their identity) and our two moose not are not a big help either. They are both so afraid of losing each other that they keep saying and doing the wrong things. I was constantly torn between hugging them and clonking their heads together!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!  One things leads to an other and Tyler and Matt work themselves into a thorny corner and sadly hurt each other while trying to get out...(this was all a metaphor, there's no actually bodily harm being had) 


With their friends' help, our boys have some revelations (seriously, Robbie and Sebastian are so cool is hurts!!!!) and start realizing that although they are both broken, it doesn't really matter if they're together... Those parts were so beautiful, John! Wow!!


In this spoiler you'll find one of my favorite (although heartbreaking sad) quotes of the book: 



It was like being back then for a moment, the feeling in my chest of intense want and love. A visceral feeling that I was supposed to be with someone but had no idea who. And even though I was nowhere near giving it a name yet, I knew that if I were singing this song, it wouldn’t be about a girl. At the third verse, I remembered my chest swelling with emotion as I vowed to the mirror that I would call him up a thousand times a day and ask him to marry me. I remembered that, saying him and not her, and the fear that came after it. The feeling that I was never going to call anyone up and ask him that once, much less a thousand times. The feeling of anger as I realized this song wasn’t for me, and it never would be. This song was for straight people, for normal boys who liked normal girls and didn’t get off on gay shit like me. I remembered the fear if anyone knew what I had sung, and that I would never sing it again. That wasn’t me; it couldn’t be. And after a while, it wasn’t me at all. - Tyler

(show spoiler)






But it all works out and the end is ONE BIG PERFECT AND EMOTIONAL moment! (and not only because of Tyler and Matt.. you'll see...)! I ADORED this book!!!


But don't think that just because the book is over emotions roller coaster is over. Oh, no.. Because the author's note follows... Tough that last line made me so happy. So happy!!!!


All the love for John and our boy's story! Looking forward to the next one!


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What about Everything - John  Goode

*happy sigh* Such a perfect ending, and beautiful author's note!!!


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What about Everything - John  Goode

*excited squeal* 

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What about Everything - John  Goode




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What about Everything - John  Goode

GASP!!!!!! the gym guy!!!!

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What about Everything - John  Goode

“Oh, do not,” he said in mock anger. “This is not me being nice or doing favors for moose who are in need. I just don’t need to be a princess when I’m already the queen.”


God, I love Robbie!

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What about Everything - John  Goode

UGH!!! That Sofia is such a BITCH!!!

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What about Everything - John  Goode

The screen shifted and revealed an image of Tyler standing in our cabin. Completely naked.


Sebastian and I were just staring at the image, dumbfounded. “He didn’t know you had to tell the camera to record just his face?” he asked, staring pretty intently. “Don’t think so,” I mumbled, equally shocked.


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What about Everything - John  Goode

Oh my.. this cruise sounds AMAZING!!!! I really wish something like this really existed!  


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What about Everything - John  Goode

ROFL...Tyler trying to make up to Matt is like a train wreck... a hilarious train wreck 


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What about Everything - John  Goode

Oh, Tyler, you silly man..

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