Captive Prince: Volume Three

Captive Prince: Volume Three - C.S. Pacat PERFECT! EXQUISITE! STUNNING!

Laurent said, ‘Our men have the gates and the halls. Ios is yours.’
‘And you,’ said Damen. ‘With your uncle gone, there won’t be resistance. You have Vere.’
Laurent was very still, and the moment seemed to draw out, the space between them private in the hushed baths.
‘And the centre. We both hold the centre,’ said Laurent. And then: ‘It was one kingdom, once.’
Laurent wasn’t looking at him when he said it, and it was a long moment before he lifted his eyes to Damen’s waiting ones, and Damen’s breath caught at what he saw there, the odd shyness of it, as though Laurent was asking instead of answering.
‘Yes,’ said Damen, feeling light-headed at the question.