Level Hands

Level Hands - Amy Jo Cousins image

I'm torn about this book... I can't decide between 2,5 stars or 3...

Rafi is one big whiny bitch and he annoyed me through most of the book.. he was always complaining and being an asswhole and it was very disappointing since in the previous book he didn't seem like that.. even the beginning was nice and he seemed cool and collected and then it was like somebody else took control of his body.. ugh..

If I were to give the book 3 stars it would be for Denny, whom I loooooved. He was amazing and Rafi doesn't deserve him!!

What also annoyed me to no end was that Denny is on PrEP, a drug that you can take as a prevention for HIV and if you take it the chances of becoming infected are very slim; at the same time there was a big deal made about the fact that even though he's taking the drug he still uses condoms, witch I thought was AWESOME and cool and I was all like: whoohoo, see? safe sex still being promoted even tough an MC is taking the PrEP and then BAM.. they decide to have unprotected sex.. why? Cause Denny is in on the drug.. WHAT? UGH!!! Almost DNF right then... STUPID!!!!!!! STUPID MOVE!!!

I don't know....I still enjoyed the book some, so...but no, 2.5 stars it is.