A Way Back To Then

A Way Back To Then - Robert Halliwell 4.5 stars

*spoilerish, so be warned* - AWESOME BR with Paul, Momo,Elsbeth, Julie and Nathan :D

I would like to start my review by expressing my admiration for real life Robbie (Halliwell).

Why you ask? Well, we all know writing is not easy (you will be able to see how not easy it is by reading my review *snickers*). So, to not only write a truly wonderful book, but to write a book about a character introduced by another awesome author - John Goode (of which you are a huge fan. Really, Robbie, that took a lot of courage and dedication!!) and be able to do that character justice? Well... Let me tell you... That's A HUGE FREAKING DEAL!

And Robbie Halliwell did all these things! And he did them splendidly! I enjoyed "A way back to then" so, so much!

It's not secret I adored Robbie when we first met him, even when he was a massive bitch (or maybe especially then)! So although I was really excited to read more about him, at the same time I was nervous that maybe Robbie written by Robbie will not be who we met and I would be disappointed...

Needless to say that didn't happen. Instead I fell more in love with him! Robbie was exactly how I remember him to be, but more. He was hilarious, snarky, clever and a big meany at times, but boy oh boy do I adore him! He was also fragile, a broken man trying to pick up the pieces of a once fairytale life.
"Riley was the prince on the white horse whom I needed to get me out of the life I was in years ago. While Foster wasn’t a shiny castle, I didn’t want anything else."[..]Then he left me. I had nothing. The castle was empty and the glass slipper had shattered into a thousand pieces.

God! It killed me to read Robbie and Riley's ending in the previous Foster High books, and I honestly considered skipping that part here, but then I thought if Robbie (and John for that matter) were able to write it then I better get my ass in gear and read it! (I'm honestly crying even now, just thinking about it). It was a terrible ending to an other wise beautiful love story, it was such a pleasure to read about how they met *happy sigh*
"The nerd in question asked about Orion’s Belt. Bam! I awoke instantly. Not that I gave a shit about Orion’s Belt, shoes, or any other accessory, but I was interested by the deep, sexy drawl I’d just heard come out of my classmate’s mouth. [..]“’Scuse me,” he said. “Mind if I sit here?” I counted to three and raised my head slowly to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I turned to look up at the boy with the Property of Foster High Athletic Department sweatshirt on and shook my head. [..]“Name’s Riley,” I heard in a muffled tone. "

So altough I knew it was hopeless, I was so in love with the idea of Robbie and Riley, that I couldn't imagine what could top that. And you know what? Robbie Halliwell is one clever man! Because if he would have created some epic love story for Robbie, with a larger than life new man that outshines all the Riley was and represented I would have been so pissed! So it was genius to bring in Sebastian! Oh, I disliked him big time at first, because we saw him through Robbie judging eyes; so stuff that appeared to be one way (like Sebastian checking himself out in the window of a restaurant *yuck!* was him actually adjusting his contacts) were in fact misinterpretations made by our pig-headed MC :P And that was also genius! I see what you did there, Robbie Halliwell! But Sebastian charmed me, he was refreshing and I liked that he called Robbie on his bulshit. His reaction when hearing about Riley was beautiful and the way he pursues Robbie and makes him take a chance on them was awesome!!
“What do you want me to tell you, Rob?” he asked, taking half a step away from me. “Do you want me to tell you that I’ve been going nuts thinking about the past week and not talking to you? Is that it? Do you want me to tell you that your sister got so sick of me asking about you that she finally relented and told me where you were going to be?”

So I believe Sebastian was exactly what Robbie needed to move on with his life.
“"Sebastian is exactly what I need. He’s a big teddy bear with a body like a guardian of the galaxy. He has never disrespected me and has never taken any of my bullshit either. He never judges my little OCD moments, but he has helped me overcome some of them. "

So, I am more than pleased with how this all turned out. Thank you for making that happen, Robbie! *giggles* it's so amusing trying to differentiate between Robbie and RL Robbie.

We also meet Robbie's mom and uncle, who are freaking crazy!!! But so funny and lovable. Trust me, just go read the book, you'll pee your pants laughing so hard.
"From my bedroom I could see the front door perfectly. It opened and my mother and uncle stood just outside. One of them was holding a golf club and the other a salami. I’ll let you guess who held what."

There's also Sean, who we don't like! I said we don't lie Sean! Remember that, it's important! Ughh!! Wish I could have put my boot through his face :D

The only thing that that bothered me a bit (since I am not a fan of the insta-love or love at-first-sight *yuck!* tropes) was how fast Robbie and Sebastian got together, but that was so beautifully explained that I got over it really fast :D

" No, I don’t have a warped reality of love at first sight or some bullshit like that. I really do love Sebastian and for some stupid reason he loves me back. I mean, he’s big and doofy and sexy as hell while I’m just… me. But I guess that does it for him. You’re not supposed to know how love works, because if we did, there wouldn’t be so many cat ladies in the world. "

So I hope my review makes some kind of sense, but if it doesn't just remember this: I loved the book and you should go read it! Now! Go! Stop looking at me!