Stormhaven - Jordan L. Hawk FANTASTIC! I'm simply in love with this series!

Possible mild spoilers ahead, so be warned!

This time around we find ourselves smack in the middle of Griffin's worst nightmare: a case revolving a nuthouse!! Needless to say this was extremely difficult to read at times, Girffin's memories were excruciating, I just wanted to cuddle him and then wreck bloody vengeance in his name!! To make matters worse, Griffin's parents come to visit in tow with "a cousin" (female) and you can imagine what followed and what this did to Whyborne's insecurities! And as if my babies didn't have enough on their plate, Whyborne finds himself having weird nightmares which lead to dangerous situations.

As you can see, the plot for this installment was overflowing and the way Ms Hawk packed every little nuance, every detail or plot line was excellent! And the climax of all this? MARVELOUS! That final scene was A- freacking- MAZING!!! My heart was in my throat, I was biting my nails and yelling at my kindle!

There were a couple of extremely emotional, sweet and hot moments with our beloved MCs that about curled my toes!

Christine was as always a delight! Looking forward to the next book!