Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk Oh how I love these books! This series just rose to the top of my favorite series shelf!

It's absolutely fantastic, with two wonderful, adorable (and at times daft) MCs! Whyborne and Griffin are too precious for words! And don't even get me started on Christine! She's a breath of fresh air in sea of brainless, whining and annoying female characters. I wish this was the type of woman romance authors would promote: independent, feisty, brave, smart and not afraid to speak her damn mind! (you go girl!)

This installment brings us to Threshold, a mining city witch has all kinds of weird and horror stuff happening. Of course our beloved MCs jump right in the middle of it and what follows is an awesome combination of gruesome, tantalizing and down right creepy action! I don't usually care for horror but the way Ms Hawk weaves the story is completely addictive, I couldn't for the life of me put down the book. And the satisfaction I have after Whyborne and Griffin save the day? Oi!!! I'm just sorry I don't have someone to fist bump with! :P

There was of course some relationship drama (this is also a romance story) and there were times when I wished I could just knock Griffin & Whyborne's heads together (as I said daft!!!) but they managed to overcome it (the drama that is) in a very adorable and HOT way!

On to the next one..