The Best Man

The Best Man - L.A. Witt I'm not sure how to rate this book... I'm undecided between 2.5 and 3 stars..I have so many complaints about it but at the same time I did enjoy it when I wasn't rolling my eyes or skimming the 1 billion sex scenes.. I don't know how to explain it..

Things I didn't like:
- too much sex; to freaking much. I know, I know "what's wrong with me?", but 1.5 out of 2 chapters was a sex scene. No, I am not kidding! And although it was rather hot after while is just got boring and annoying
- almost half of the conversations between the MCs was about how they are gonna have sex and pretty bad sex puns (though they were amusing they were that bad)
- because of the numerous conversations about sex the MCs didn't really talk about important stuff like Liam's stalker psycho ex. Plot twist that I saw a mile coming and Jon should have too since we both (Jon and I, as a reader) had then same info and there was no Liam POV to say that I knew cause I saw what Liam was thinking(hope you guys understand what I meant)

Things I'm not sure how to feel about:
- I'm not sure the whole plot twist was handled very well, though I don't want to judge too much. I don't know how one thinks or feels when they are in an abusing relationship so I don't want to say Liam was stupid for behaving that way or the other; I know a lot of times the victim doesn't think they deserve better or that they have any way out..

Thinks I liked:
- Jon and Liam; they are both very endearing characters
- I liked the narrator voice
- although this book annoyed me a whole lot I still enjoyed it.. huh.. don't know what to make of that..