Like Fire Through Bone

Like Fire Through Bone - E.E. Ottoman image


Did you expect a coherent and eloquent review from me?

Well, the joke's on you! Cause I can't!

This books was beautiful, heartbreaking, cruel, heartwarming, gentle, romantic, gruesome.... Yes! You read that right! It's all of these things!

I absolutely adore Vasilios and I'm helplessly in love with Markos..

Just one thing I want to mention, when deciding to start this book don't expect your average romance story.. This is about longing, about having the patience to wait for the one you love, about hoping one day you are free to express your love.. It was simply beautiful to see Markos and Vasilios together.

This is manly Vasilios' story and we follow him through both beautiful and difficult (really, really difficult) moments but there's just such a elegance about him.. I just..

I'm sorry I just can't write the review this book deserves...

All I want to do is:


Really hope there's a sequel..