Going the Distance

Going the Distance - John  Goode Hi!

Ok, so here it goes: this was not what I expected.

"Why?" you ask? Well, although while reading the book you can feel John's unique touch with the descriptions, the funny one-liners, the ridiculous comparisons that make your snort water through your nose (thank you for that btw, John *narrows eyes* :P) you won't meet a Kyle who wants to save the world or a Kane who follows his love into a different universe just to be with him..

No, you meet Danny: he's not perfect, he struggles with his identity, with his sexuality, with being a good person, but most importantly he's scared of disappointing his father. It was hard being in his head, reading about his pain, how hard he tries to be "normal" (notice the quotation marks). I just want to hug him.. and also slap him a little (you know for removing head out of ass purposes :D).

I understand why Danny's story had to be this way, it's not easy being a gay athlete and although more and more people don't care about this anymore, it's still such a big deal coming out in sports. SUCH A BIG DEAL! It's always "breaking news", there are always tons of discussions, everybody on the planet feeling like they deserve the right to comment about some's sexuality, someone's identity.. Why? Why is that? It always brings tears to my eyes; thinking someone can't do the things he/she loves most in the world because some closed minded people care about what they do in their private life.. it makes me sick..

So I get it, I get why this is not just a 'boy meets boy and everybody's happy' story.. I loved the fact the subject of religion came about (oh how I loved Father Thomas Mulligan's speech, that was EPIC!!), because this is the main excuse ignorant people use to throw rocks at LBGT athletes (or at everybody for that matter). I liked the way it evolved throughout the story and how it affected Danny (the wrong way, but it's how the world works).

Regarding Danny and his romantic interests .. *sigh* that was so difficult.. I may have cringed a little at times the Emma business; yuck! and also I was a little startled about the explicit way the scenes were portrayed; I was not expecting that and not sure if I like it and I'm not really sure what's going to happened next.. Not sure what to think about Sam I liked him at first but then the way he blew Danny off.. not cool, man! not cool!.

I did luuuuurve Danny's father and Nathan! Both were such good supporters (even if they did make some mistakes at first-->I'm looking at you Mr. Dannny's father!), they tried really hard to make Danny accept himself and make good decisions.

And of course I love Danny (flaws and all) and hurt for him! *heavy sigh* Looking forward to reading more about his life (soon would be good *bats lashes at John*) and hope there will be more romance stuff in the next one :D