The Unseen Tempest

The Unseen Tempest - John  Goode Awesome REREAD with Paul!

Whew! What a ride!!! *wipes sweat from forehead* To say these books get better and better would be an understatement.

It's very difficult to do a proper review for the 3rd book in this EPIC, LEGENDARY, FANTASTIC, ADDICTIVE series because I'm afraid I'll spoil it for you, and trust me you want to make the most of this experience! I can't even explain. This was my second read, but there were quite a few details I missed the first time in my thirst to get to the bottom of the mystery. Still, I was right back to the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. This is fantasy at its FINEST!

So this time our heroes break into 3 teams in search of an army:

Team A

Kane, Hawk and my beloved Ruber
go one way and through some awesome shenanigans recruit an adorable talking bunny Milo (who bores a striking resemblances to the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and if you've read the series so far will make the connection) and then get to a magical land that may reminds us of something


Team B

Molly, Ferra and Caerus
find themselves in deep troubles while searching the fascinating Tinker & Jones laboratory where Molly was crated. Their scenes have some epic fights starring some kickass women!! You HAVE to read it!


Team C

going to the light elves' lands where he teams up with Kor (they have a special connection that will break your heart) and after some awesome shenanigans find themselves in a bit of a trouble which leads Ater in special circumstances in Arcadia court). Also, I really, really want Ater and Kor to know.. *waggles eyebrows*


Throughout all these adventures we find out very shocking things about Molly, Ater,Ferra and especially Kane! Kane has a much bigger role in the whole intrigue than we initially think. It's pretty EPIC!

There are a lot of other important things happening, but I can't get into them without major spoilers but I just want to mention the MEGA-AWESOME battle at the end of the book in the frozen lands of Nilfgrad! It is simply out of this world (and it is, out of this world.. he, he..).


JUST READ THE BOOK! You will not regret it! It's a John Goode after all! Just prepare yourself for MAJOR AWESOMENESS!!

p.s. I love Ruber and he is MINE!!!

1st read November 2014
Super AWESOME BR with Momo


full review tomorrow cause I'm tired and pumped to make sense right now