First Time for Everything

First Time for Everything - John  Goode, Allison Wonderland, Emery C. Walters, Andrea Speed, S.R. Silcox, Caitlin Ricci, Eric Renner, Jo Ramsey, Emily Moreton, Nicole McCormick, Ella Lyons, Renee Hirsch, Nick Hasse, Charli Green, Kevay Gray, Eric Gober, S.A. Garcia, J. Leigh Bailey JUST RIGHT by JOHN GOODE


I wonder if there is ever gonna be a time when I find a John Goode book/short story that I don't absolutely love! I don't think so, but I sure will enjoy trying to find one :P

This is short, cute, funny and hopeful about love!

I would like to share my favorite quote from this wonderful short story:

"What you’re looking for is stupid rare, and if you’re going to give up after four tries, then you were never in it for real. It’s not you, it’s just hard. If it wasn’t hard, then everyone would be in freaking love. You want a good guy? A real guy who is worth you? Then you have to grind it out, dumbass, not give up after a couple of tries.”
(especially dedicated to John; isn't it cool when your owns words are used against you? :D)