The Mating of Michael

The Mating of Michael - Eli Easton I was really happy when I heard Eli Easton is writing Michael story.
You want to know why?

Because I couldn't imagine how she'll make me be OK with Michael being a sexual surrogate and in a relationship</> at the same time!
Well.. hats off to Ms Easton!!!
Not only did she explained it splendidly and with the needed sensitivity for the subject but she made me actually think:

James better not make Michael quit his job or else..

You'll better understand this when reading about the surogacy clients. I'm referring to Lem, which I thought was so endearing and also squished my heart when thinking that there are actually people out there that teach their children that the human body, sex and love are shameful things and they'll be punished for even thinking about them. Also Tommy who was disfigured by a fire and thought nobody could want him, ever... I can't even imagine how one might feel when faced with that challenge. I just love Michael who was amazing sexy, adorable, a dork and in his turn also insecure about his own worth. The way he adapted to James's needs and mobility limitations was precious!

James.. disillusioned because of his handicap but with such a big heart and need to love and be loved that I could almost feel it! The flashbacks from when he was a little kid that got polio and was left by his stupidmother were heartbreaking and I totally ugly cried allover the place! I blame you Eli for puffy eyes at work!!! And I know he didn't have the best reactions towards the end but just think how you'll react when faced with the same events? Plus one needs a little conflict in one's romance book:D

But what I abso-frikin-lutely adored was James' book:"Sentimental Cyanide"!!! I know, I know.. some people didn't but I thought was stunning, marvelous, magnificent, superb (I know they all mean the same thing but I don't care!!!!) It about just broke my heart!I wish Eli would develop it into a whole book!

Anyways.. I guess you can tell I loved this book :p and there's lots more to tell about it but I'm not that good at writing so that's it!