Somebody Killed His Editor

Somebody Killed His Editor - Josh Lanyon

I've been re-listening to this for the past week on my long drives. Still as hilarious!




Wow! I have no words!!! This was an AWESOME read!!!
I already was a huge Josh Lanyon fan ( Adrien English series <wink, wink>; and many others)but this just drove the final nail in the coffin, so to speak ;)) hmm.. it seams I do have words :))
As with many of his novels, I can't tell who did it until the last part of the book, which I loooove!!!!
BUT!! What I adored the most about this one, is our lovely, lovely Holmes! He was not only clever and yummy, but he was HILARIOUS!!! I just eat him up!! I couldn't stop laughing at his antics and the ways he had of landing himself intro trouble. And the little scenarios that were crossing his mind: GENIUS!!!
J.X. was not bad himself, is just that he was hotter in a more obvious way, if you like that sort of thing ( which I do :P)
I have no complaints about his book, NONE!!!!! You go Josh!!!!!

This is a must read book!!!

p.s. English is not my native language so please excuse any grammar and/or spelling errors :D