Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain  - Abigail Roux A little different but still loved it!!!

Ok, so I can see where the negative reviews may come from, but I loved this installment!!
So yes, It was a lot of Nick and Kelly but if you recall there was also a lot of Julian and Cam in Armed & Dangerous and everybody seemed to love that. And to be honest I like Nick and Kelly waaaaaaay more; and I personally actually liked to see what they were up to; it was like two romances for the price of one. Also the relationship between Nick and Ty was due a little drama.
And yes Zane and Ty were a little different, but I think they were meant to be; the whole point of Touch and Geaux was that Zane should change so that he;s not defined by Ty and Ty should mellow down a little and become more forthcoming about his motivations and feelings.
The plot was actually pretty well developed, I didn't see the end coming, so kudos for that!!!
Anyway, in spite of all negative opinions I loved Ball & Chain; it's not the best of the series but it's certainly not worst.
Also I believe that since Ty and Zane are happy and have little romance drama anymore people will love them a little less since is not as exciting. I suppose after one more book with their weeding ( *sigh* ) maybe the series should stop ( NO!!!! I TAKE IT BACK!!! )
Love you Ty and Zane!!!!!

p.s. English is not my native language so please excuse any spelling and/or grammar errors.