The Wrong Man (Right and Wrong Stories Book 2)

The Wrong Man - Lane Hayes

Ok, so I really, really, really liked this one!!! It's better than the first one in the series (and that one was super cute).

We have one cute, flamboyant, social and funny Brandon (he owns a interior design boutique)


a sexy, goodhearted, patient and HOT firefighter Jake (he fights fire :P)


*squee!!* an old, lovable and most precious labrador Mack

You can tell from the blurb, what's this about but I just want to say that the way these two (well three if you count Mack, and you have to, he's like a 3rd MC) reconnected and fell in love was so, so sweet and wonderful. I wish I had a love story like this, with dates and dogs and beach fun and hot fun *wiggles eyebrows*. There's a bit of angst at the end (you know, the 70, 80% mark :P) but it's handled quickly and nobody suffers for a long period of time. There are a few scares with Mack (he's an old dog after all), but this book was DELICIOUS!!!

Highly recommended if you're in the mood for a beautiful, almost angst free love story :D