When I Grow Up (Tales from Foster High)

When I Grow Up (Tales from Foster High) - John  Goode BR with Momo (reread for me)

Loved it the second time around as much as I did the first time, if not more! :D

Hi! *lame wave*

Yes, I lied!! I didn't write the review "tomorrow" as I promised! Why? I'm glad you asked! Because it's been 3 days since I read "When I grow up" by John "GO(o)D(e) of the written word" and I'm still overwhelmed and emotional and amazed how one book can suck you in and make you forget absolutely everything else! I was captivated from the first freaking page and I couldn't put it down if my life depended on it. (I almost canceled a meeting with a client because I didn't want stop reading!!! Yes!!! I actually had the number dialed and everything, but clients help pay for stunning books like this one so I had to refrain myself.. but I glared at the poor woman the whole meeting!! I am not kidding!!) So now.. please tell me how I'm supposed to write an awesome and eloquent review that can do it justice? Yeah, I thought so.. But I'll try..

!!!!*there will probably be a lot of spoilers ahead so you know... be warned*!!!!
You know why John is the best? Other than because he writes the most wonderful books in the world? Because he makes you feel like the story you're reading is only meant for you and only you.. I always feel like he's talking directly to me and you have no idea how many times I answer.. out loud that is.. and I know some of you will say that's the writing technique (is that a thing?) he uses but so what? does it make me feel special? yes! yes it does! so everything else is irrelevant. Also here is an other reason:
"But I want to send a shout-out to the girls (and boys) over at Leafreads—you all know who you are. I am but one writer in a huge world, but you all make me feel like a star, so thank you for that."
Yes! That's right! John dedicated this book to me! *wide grin and pointed stare* And John you are a star to me! I'm happy our love makes you feel this way :D Now we can call it not even, cause.. well.. I don't write awesome books for you so.. :D
Now enough about me.. Let's get back to the boys!

Part I

Our lovely boys (how I missed them!) are starting their life together! Kyle is about to start college and Brad is happy to be with his man! The first days are beautiful! There are some mishaps with the IKEA furniture that are hilarious but everything else is perfect! Or so you'd think.. The first clue that things are not as they should be is the fact that Brad and Kyle see those free days together before classes start completely differently...

"THE WEEKS leading up to Kyle going to school were like magic. We’d wake up with nowhere to go and all day to get there. We’d spend the morning waking each other up and then take a shower and wake each other up again."-Brad

"THE WEEKS leading up to school were the worst. I had nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it.[..]That was just one of the many things that began to bug me in that month before class started. Brad seemed obsessed with finding us some kind of entertainment for the evening." - Kyle

And that's where it starts.. The beginning of the end.. This first part of the book was extremely painful... But you know what? I got it..
All the issues they had, I could see why they were there. And I must admit I got so mad at Kyle.. He could only think how Brad is gonna leave him, how much prettier Brad is than him so of course he would choose to be with somebody else.. It's really exhausting to be with someone like that, to have to constantly prove your love... And Brad, coming with Kyle just to be with him is really romantic in theory but at one point you need some outside validation that you are worth it.. so of course you want to be liked, admired by other people, your partner's opinion is not that important anymore.. and when that happens...
If you think back to the other books, you can actually remember other instances when these exact issues were a big problem.. But back in Foster they had a common goal or enemy if you will.. they had to fight to just be allowed to be together.. Now, they're overcome that but have to actually work on their relationship. And as it it the case for many, many young couples (but not only) there is NO COMMUNICATION!! Why would you talk to your partner about what's bothering you when you can just misinterpret everything in your head and make it ten times more serious? Ah. young age and relationships... been there, done exactly that, have the T-shirt.. And what's even sadder is that when we grow up we are not that mush better at communication but get better at trying :)

Of course we have two side characters Colt (ugh!!) and Teddy(ugghh!!) that make everything so much worse! Colt trying to sabotage Brad and Kyle's relationship with lies, BIG STUPID LIES!! yes, that's right! There is no cheating! Whatever you may think when reading the book, there is no cheating! you actually thought for a moment that John would do that to his boys? Have you met John? (well "technically" me neither, but you know what I mean:P) So we hate Colt for a while!! We actually imagine bloody ways to kill him (we get a bit over it later)!

Then we have good old boy Teddy *cracks knuckles* which represents the MOST COMMON MISTAKE we make when in a relationship. Asking other people advice. You know what? Nobody can possibly know what happens between you and your partner other than you two (and sometimes not even you know! ) So whomever you ask for advice, even if they mean well (and stupid Teddy most certainly didn't mean well) they most often than not give you stupid advice, colored by their bad experiences etc.
So I think John did a spectacular job of showing what actually happens in a real, young relationship.. Sometimes love really is not enough *sobs*

Bad, heartbreaking stuff happens, I'll just let you discover that because I don't want to talk about it! I don't want my heart broken again, it got wonderfully mended at the end of the book and I want to keep it that way :D

p.s. there's an excellent scene with Kyle and Teddy (ugh!!) in Proffersor Madison's class! you'll love it! John (umm.. I mean Kyle) at his best!!! Why we fell in love with him!

Part II

This part is mostly belly aching hilarious! What do you get when you put Matt, Tyler, Robbie, Sebastian, Kyle and Jennifer in the same place? God! I laughed my ass off!!
"IF THIS fuck doesn’t hurry up, I’m going to slap the taste right out of his mouth. And that has nothing to do with my previous issues with Tyler. These are all new ones stemming from the fact that he thinks he’s fucking Charles Dickens all of a sudden, telling me it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Oh, screw off with that look. I’ve read a book or two." - Robbie about Tyler's storytelling tehnique :P
"There was the sound of either a grizzly bear reciting poetry or a Harley Davidson badly in need of a tune up next to us. We looked over and Seb was halfway on one of the waiting room chairs, snoring his ass off and drooling a little, not that I really looked."

That's basically the tone of the 2nd part. Why are they all together you ask? Kyle's mom was in an accident and needs surgery and Kyle stupid long lost father is threatening to forbid the surgery if he doesn't get a ton of money! He's a big time asswhole, but of course Kyle outsmarts him and all ends well!
John was very clever to introduce this after what happened with Kyle and Brad. I actually felt myself relax for a while.. It was actually perfect!

Part III

A lot of stuff happens but I want to get to the part I got my heart broken again!!!

“This is the same fight we’ve been having since the night I dropped you off,” he said. “Where I stand very still and try to convince you I love you, and you think this is insane and isn’t going to last. This is the same fight we had that night at the lake. The same fight we had in the parking lot. And I’m sorry, Kyle. I can’t do it anymore.” - Brad

But then... Sebastian makes Kyle asks himself one important thing...
“What would Brad do?”

And then Kyle does exactly what Brad would do and it was FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! I cried like a little baby.. It was just PERFECT.. But their relationship is not perfect just yet.. They need to grow up.. they need to become the men they were set out to be in order to be together..

The airport scene was stunning! I loved it! For me that was a beautiful ending to a stunning book! I was absolutely satisfied with the outcome!

“Bye,” he said in a tiny voice.
I grabbed his hand. “No. No good-byes.”
He looked at me questioningly. “Until next time.”
He gave me a sad smile. “Until next time.”

But then John had to come an make everything more! Simply MORE!! I can't even.. *happy sob* It was so, so....*wipes happy tears* so Kyle and Brad!

“Hi,” he said as I got closer.
“Hey,” I said, still moving toward him.
“Wanna spend the rest of our lives together?” he asked, the twinkle in his eyes telling me it was taking all his concentration not to just explode with happiness.
“Thought you’d never ask,” I said, putting my arms around him and kissing him hard.
He kissed me back and for the first time in a long time… the world stopped moving for a second. And I was okay with that.
--> read only if you read the book or if you you're hesitant about reading the book for fear of a broken heart..

Whew! I did it! I don't know if it makes any sense, I'm not gonna re-read what i wrote..

I just want to say adored "When I grow up" !

Thank you AGAIN, John for making me feel special and writing the most beautiful stories about amazing boys!

Looking forward to the next chapter in Brad and Kyle's life!



I loved it!!! I looooved it!!!! I FREAKING LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!!

review tomorrow :D


Oh my... I absolutely love the cover!!!!!!

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