The Art of Breathing

The Art of Breathing - Sean Crisden, T.J. Klune The audio is FANTASTIC!!!!
OH MY GOD!! I think there is going to be another one!!!!!

This was....


Urghh... I hate that I'm not very good at reviews; and I'm especially bad when I loved/adored/worshiped/kissed the ground it walks on/relished a book, but I'll give it my best (...)

I'll start be saying that I was not expecting this, I was a little surprised (I avoided reading the little previews that TJ provided on purpose) and at the same time it all made perfect sense (yeah, I know, I'm really coherent).

Ty's journey was painful to read a lot of times, funny as hell and so endearing I just wanted to shove myself in the book and smother him with my love


I can't really get into many details without spoilers (I'm not crafty like that) so don't click on this if you haven't read it yet (for shame :P)

- that Ty is so much like Bear when it came to making up absurd stuff and that he has the same "I'll talk until the end of time" verbal affliction :P
- that he's so funny I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe(I may need me some Dominic to teach me how to breathe ;)) - you're too funny TJ!!!
- that I could see Bear and Otter again, I soooo missed them
- that I could meet Corey and Kori, she/he is wonderful and the best friend Ty could have
- the interconnection with "Tell me it's real" - the Sandy - Corey/Kori combo is deadly and hilarious (and again Paul was off the charts)
- that Dom got to have Ben
- that Ty was too adorably confused to see that Dom was coming on to him (he, he, he) while wanting it with all his heart


- that Ty was a hot twink
- the relationship between Ty and Bear now that they're older, it was achingly beautiful to see and experience; and at the same time funny as hell (when Ty follows Bear's train of thought with the cannibals at the animal plant... I thought I was going to pee myself)


- that we get to meet their sister Izzie (I hate the stupid mother!!!!)
- that Ty was able to stand on its own after all he went through
- the way Ty loves Dom and Dom loves Ty
and I could go on forever..

I really can't say which BOaK book is my favorite, but the way TJ made me feel while experiencing them is really extraordinary.. You have a gift my man...