Outcome (Aftermath Book 2)

Outcome - Cara Dee DNF at 34%

Possible spoilers ahead.

First of all, such a snooze fest! Besides Cam and Austin's hot times this book is boring me to death!

Also, WTF? They keep Remy for "Weeks. Fucking weeks. " cuffed to a bed by the leg like a dog? I don't care it's for his own good or whatever, this is BULSHIT!! Nope, I don't like it! uh, uh!

Maybe it gets better along the way but I DON'T CARE because of the way Remy's "friends" keep him tied. Even if that's what they do in specialized institutions like rehab, at least those people are trained and know what the fuck they're doing!

The reason I'm giving this 2 stars instead of one is because the quality of the writing is good, it really is. But the story itself is awful! At least IMO.

That's it!