In Too Deep

In Too Deep - Kate Sherwood ***one spoiler towards the end of the review, but it was necessary for my rant***

The book is composed of three parts, the first two are worth 5 DELICIOUS STARS!! but the last part *ugh!!* gets only 2 stars, therefore the rating above.

Now, as I said I loooooved the first two parts of this book, it was like I was like eating a big pile of delicious candy, while lying on a fluffy candy bed in a candy house in a world made of candy!!


All because of Aidan who was so funny, engaging, witty and wonderful! The way he pursued Cade it was relentless, bordering on stalking but in such a sweet and forthcoming way I wanted to climb in the book and squish him!

"For the record, I’m not stalking you anymore.” - Aiden
“What?” - Cade
“If you don’t want me to know where you live because you think I’m stalking you? You don’t have to worry. I mean, I still see you a lot, but that’s because you make good sandwiches. It’s not stalking, it’s lunch. And then that time at the library, yeah, that was a bit stalkery, but I quit as soon as you said you weren’t interested. Just sandwiches since then. And tonight, I was driving by and I saw you. That’s all. It would have been weird not to stop, right? So that wasn’t stalking, it was a coincidence.”He smiled a little.“Or possibly fate.” - Aiden

“Okay, possibly I’m getting stalkery again. Like, sexually harassing you. We had all this sensitivity training stuff at the frat last month, and I had a bit of trouble converting some of it to the gay context, but I get that it would be annoying to have someone coming on to you all the time when you only want to be friends. In my defense, you did just kiss me, and you didn’t ask for explicit verbal consent before that happened. So I don’t think we’re exactly following the rules, here.”
“I don’t feel harassed,” Cade replied. “But I don’t think I’m going to call you and suggest we make out.”
“We could skip right past that stage and go straight to the sex, if you like.”
“I appreciate the options. I have to go now.”
“Okay. And just for the record… if you see my car driving past your house a few times tomorrow, that’s not because I’m stalking you. I might happen to have business in the neighborhood.”

I mean seriously, he is so endearing and cute that if it was me, Aiden could have been butt ugly and I still would have gone out with him; just for the way he was making you feel, like you're the most important person on this earth.

Needless to say, that Cade can't resist Aiden forever and they get together. At first everything is good but then they start having difficulties, since Cade is really introvert and very focused on his studies since he worked really hard to put himself through college. Which brings me to Cade big fat secret (which we know about from the beginning of the book). To get the money for college (since his parents are drunks and won't help) he was a prostitute for 8 months.
We now get to part three of the book that annoyed me to no end. Why? Because Aiden was a little shit!!! Yeah, you heard me. He reacted so poorly when he found out about Cade being a prostitute.

“I thought you were a virgin. When I first met you, and you were so serious. I mean, you made me wait for months, and the whole time you were a
fucking pro?”

Umm.. EXCUSE ME!!!! Just because someone used to be a prostitute DOES NOT MEAN that they should sleep with their significant other right away. If they want to wait, they HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT to wait! Being an ex prostitute does not mean one can't say NO!! So Aiden you are AN IDIOT!!!

"Jesus Christ, Cade, you had the nerve to get jealous about my boyfriends? You were upset because I’d been in my shower with other guys before you? How many fucking guys have you been with, Cade?” [..]. “Seriously. You’re smart enough to do the math, right? Eight months of it? Did you go out every night, or take weekends off? Was it just one guy a night, or a few? How many were repeat customers? How many guys have you fucked?”[..]“Did you have favorites? Did you get off on it, Cade? Did they make you come? "

What? WHAAAAAAT? So, the person you're supposed to love tells you things in his life were so difficult he had to resort to prostitution and you yell at him?Ask him how many customers? WHO GIVES A FUCK? That's not the freaking point!! You should comfort him, or at least accept it and move on.. God! People don't resort to this type of life for fun.. And the he asks if he enjoyed it? Well I should hope so! If it was that bad that you had to do it, it should at least be ok, right? It shouldn't be that bad. It's like the oldest job in the world. Why should we judge? I just don't get it. Anyway.. I could rant about this for hours but I'm gonna stop.
I was very disappointed in Aiden's reaction, so that's why I'm not giving the book 5 stars.

It all worked out good in the end, Aiden apologized (not enough IMO, but he was sweet so I'll forgive him too:P)

That's about it.