Open Road - M.J. O'Shea

Road Trip BR with Paul and Els!


Wow! This was such a wonderful book! 



Although it starts on a sad note (Angus' boyfriend sucks donkeyballs), you can notice right off the bat the amazing connection between Angus and his best friend Reece and it pulls you in and you can't help but root for them after the first chapter.


What follows is an awesome road trip (and I have to say that this part of the book, with city and scenery descriptions ads a lovely note to the story) where Angus reconnects with its old self and starts seeing Reece as more than his wonderful golden "straight" best friend. And Reece.. oh Reece is such an amazing character..  beautiful, patient, loving and funny. And what I loved is that Reece never said he was straight, there's a passage there where he explains this that is both amusing and pretty awesome)! I want my own Reece when I grow up..or right now, right now is good :P


The romance between them is slow burn in the most exquisite way and their first kissing scene (long live Absinthe) is  romantic, intense and arousing at the same time. 


Thank you to my buddy readers, we have the best luck when it comes to road trip BRs!!