The Queen & the Homo Jock King (At First Sight) - T.J. Klune

The audio is PERFECTION!!!!! It makes the book 1 billion times better, and it was a 5 stars read before! 





But what else could you expect from TJ Klune?

Meet our protagonists:

Sandy aka Helena Handbasket aka The Queen

which I can only imagine as Shontelle Sparkles, who I stalk on Instagram and I love her!! (thank you Momo for introducing her to me)

and Darren Mayne aka Homo Jock King

who pretend to hate each other's guts (but are secretly love) and enter a in a fake-boyfriends scheme to save the beloved gay bar Jack it and the crack babies (don't ask:P). Their shenanigans to reach this goal are HILARIOUS, RIDICULOUS (in the most wonderful and crazy way imaginable) soAWESOME I almost peed my pants laughing. They are joined of course by our beloved Paul and Vince (who I missed and looooved to see again, they are adorable together), Corey/Kori (who we met in The art of breathing and who is fabulous and I suspect is the next protagonist in the Tell me it's real world), Charlie (leather daddy) and Paul's siblings!

The shenanigans reach new heights and you can't possibly imagine what comes out of their mounts and what they're up to. There's really no point in trying to explain. Just read the book! READ IT!

I loved the chemistry between Sandy and Darren; they are perfect together. And their one sex scene towards the end is OFF THE CHARTS HOT!

This book is an other masterpiece by our beloved TJ Klune. I don't know how he does it!

I leave you with a couple of more pictures of Shontelle who I believe is the perfect Helena Handbasket!