Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea - Keira Andrews I really enjoyed this book! It was very well put together, especially the "surviving on a stranded island" stuff, it all seemed so realistic (not that I would actually know :P) and the slow burn romance between our MCs was beautiful. They both are dealing with some demons and the way the take care of each other, develop a friendship and then fall in love is lovely! My one complaint about it is that there was a bit too much sex towards the end, like the author tried to compensate for the lack of it in the first 60% and I think there was no need for that.

Now regarding the controversy surrounding this book and bisexuality erasure, I do want to say that both of the MCs conclude that they are bisexuals, it's actually discussed and mentioned many, many times throughout the book. Could it have been handled more elegantly? Definitely! The blurb on the other hand is wrong, wrong, wrong.. It should definitely be changed as Troy and Brian are obviously not straight. I think the blurb can not only be hurtful towards bisexual people but it's actually doing the book a disservice by putting out potential readers, who had the book had a different blurb would have definitely read it. (hope this makes sense) And I do want to say that when writing books about a race, religion or sexual orientation that you as an author don't have personal knowledge about, and you are criticized about the way you handled it, or are made aware that it hurts people (especially if the feedback is polite) you should definitely stop and listen, don't take it personally and try to do better in the future.

Anyway, this book is fantastic! Highly recommended.