KAGE - Maris Black 1.5 stars

*** spoilers ahead***

So was I very excited about this book and to say I'm disappointed is a massive understatement.

Now before I start ranting I must say that this is not the worst book I read or anything, it had a few good moments, after the shock of reading a m/f sex scene right at the beginning of an m/m book I actually thought that it will get better, but no..


- the book starts with a m/f sex scene.. if I want to read m/f I go read m/f, so this being right at the beginning is rude *glares*

- there is no real connection between the MCs, at least I didn't feel it; we're just supposed to assume there's a connection

- Jamie is such a teenage girl!!! Seriously, he's acting and thinking like a teenage girl; it's so embarrassing *ugh!!*

- Jamie is also extremely clueless, and if at the beginning it's a bit endearing by the end I was asking myself if he was that stupid *eye roll*

- Kage is actually interesting at first, I really liked him but then the author tries to much to make him all tough and tortured and misunderstood, and of course he is so hot, and has such abs and other parts of him that are just perfect, which is fine, I like me some sweet fighter ass but at one point it was just too much. I get it, he's hot, let's move on.. *eye roll*

- Jamie's mom calls him (or he calls her? whatever) and they're just talking about the weather or other crap and then she just tells him she has cancer and she'll get a mastectomy next Monday and he's all like, oh no mom.. that's so terrible, ok, bye now..I mean what in the actual fuck? *glares*

- Jamie starts training with Kage, and Kage is teaching him stuff and then asks him if he (Jamie) wants to get choked (yeah, that's right, choked!!) by Kage. And he says yes, and he gets choked and passes out and they are all excited about it :|

- Then their first kiss happens, and then they stop.. cause they have to be professional (Jamie is Kage's publicist) and ok, let's take some photos for the website.. but then.. oh, let's fuck and Kage just shves his cock in Jamie's mouth (that's Jamie's first gay experience). Their next sex scene is OK, and kind of hot so at least there's that

- And finally they go to Jamie's mom house for his mom's operation and they get in a huge STUPID fight about how Jamie only wants Kage for sex and he's not interested in him, doesn't want to be his boyfriend. I mean.. this fight was so put there so we can have a cliffhanger so we can wait with batted breath for the next one.. NOPE! I won't read the next one even I was paid for it.. And then to top it all, there's an unprotected, unlubed last sex scene *vomits*

Also I feel like this book is a ripoff of "Real" by Katy Evans, or tries to be and does a very bad job of it; not to mention that "Real" was a crapy book to begin with. But I'm not betting my money on this last statement, I might be wrong it's just my opinion.

Now I don't want to be only mean and skedaddle. The writing style is actually OK, if the plot wasn't so lame I would have actually enjoyed it.

By now!