A Private Gentleman

A Private Gentleman - Heidi Cullinan Exquisite love story between a whore and a stammerer opium addict.. I know, I know it doesn't sound very fairytaleish, but is was such a pleasure following their struggle to be together while trying really hard to overcame their inner demons (and boy do they have big ones!).
Their love, their pain, their hope felt so real, I was there with them every step of the way.. It was absolutely adorable to watch them become to enthralled and mesmerized when they got to explore their passions (Wes with the plants and Michael with the books).
The end was kind of too nicely packed and things seem to resolve too neatly but I was so satisfied with the outcome that I didn't even care; this is fiction after all.

I feel so good about reading this book.. So, so good!