Please Remember Me

Please Remember Me - Jacob Z. Flores Oh boy..

This would have been a solid 4 stars read for me (despite a few things that kind of annoyed me) if the end wouldn't have spoiled it for me. Don't worry there is a big fat HEA, that wasn't my issue.

I really liked the MCs, Santi and Hank. They are really cute and funny and HOT!!! I especially like Hank, who is a big, flashy power bottom! *I always love it when the big guy is bottoming :P* And he wears really cool t-shirts with Hello Kitty or “So gay I sneeze glitter” messages on them! :D I love that.

Although the blurb tells us this is about Hank loosing his memory and Santi trying to make him remember and win him back, about half the book's action is in the past, showings us their life before the accident. Now, I loved the fact we get some back story, especially how they met and fell in love, but at one point it was just too much! TO MUCH! This was supposed to be about Hank losing his memory, not a regular boy meets boy story. I don't have anything against those stories, I like them, A LOT! I own like a gazillion of them. But that wasn't what I expected from this book. Nope! So that's why I kind of skimmed some of those parts #sorrynotsorry.

But as I said, I would have given the book 4 stars despite this issue. SPOILER ALERT!!! Buuuuut.. ugh!!! In the epilogue we get Hank's POV. And it's obvious that he still hasn't gotten his memory back, he simply feel in love with Santi again. And I was sooooo happy about this! I was like huh! What a refreshing finish! Finally there's no miraculous memory recovery. But wait!!! In the last fucking page of the book Hank remembers everything. EVERYTHING! . The end!

Say what? WHAT? WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Are you freaking kidding me?

NO!!! NO!! So for that I subtract 1 star! Oh yes! I almost subtracted 2, but then I remembered Hank. And I like Hank! *dreamy sigh*