One Holiday Ever After

One Holiday Ever After - Elle Brownlee, Elizah J. Davis, Tere Michaels 1) 3.5 starts for "Holiday Roommates" by Tere Michaels
- cute, fluffy and low angst sotry
- really enjoined the MC's, especially Nate

2) "Holiday Sanctuary" by Elle Brownlee


I really did try, but NO! (not gonna rate it cause I only read 5 pages)

3)4 stars "Holiday Homecoming" by Elizah J. Davis

Wow! I really liked this one! Both of the MCs were wonderful, but Eric just cracked me up! He was so witty, funny and adorable I just wanted to squeeze him!

Absolute favorite quote:

“You’re bi?” Gavin asked. As though it might be some sort of trick.
“Don’t worry about it. I renewed my license this summer. You don’t want to let that puppy expire, because your sexuality defaults based on the last person you were with. Then you have to go through the application process again, and you have to wait six to eight weeks for approval.” He shook his head. “That’s one of the dirty little secrets they never tell you about being bi. All the bureaucracy that’s involved.”
- Eric

Final verdict (I'll just disregard the second story)

3.7 stars!