A Taste for Poison

A Taste for Poison - Aleksandr Voinov "Even the hand of a king is stung when it reaches for the scorpion."

This last third book in the series was EPIC!! All this awesome, twisty and crazy stuff happened that kept me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely adore the world Mr. Voinov created and I was constantly asking myself: How does he come up with this stuff? It's simply amazing.

Important stuff:

- Kendras: Dude you're f******g badass, you are The True Scorpion, The officer who valued his men above all else and The Wonderful lover/partner to Graukar! [Tara is your slave forever and I shall I always keep you in my heart ( *looks at Tara *in a platonic way of course)]

- Graukar: I think of you as the Perfect Man and Lover anyone could ask for. Man, the way you look at and react to the world around you is simply beautiful. (Favorite moments -> Graukar explaining to Kendras what love is and Graukar making his speech in front of his men)

- Adrastes: You went a little crazy didn't you? Asshole!! I shall never forgive you for that moment! Yes, you heard me, you know what you did! Though you did manage to escape my eternal wrath at the end, but I'm watching you mister!!

Mr. Voinov I present my respects for your stunning work and I shall commence stalking and reading everything year ever wrote! Also, if you would be so kind as to write more about this awesome characters? Yes? You agree? It's settled then! :D