Deacon - Kristen Ashley ok, so I LOOVED IT!

I've been avoiding this book ever since it came out, because I read some reviews the put me off. But maaan, was I wrong to do so.

This isn't your typical KA book, though it does fall right into her "Unfinished Hero" series which has a special edge and often includes BDSM elements.

I absolutely adored Deacon, he was quite different from other KA heroes, waay more intense but at the same time so gentle. I loved him, he gets to be in my top 5 KA men.

Cassie was kick-ass, a very strong, no nonsense heroine. Awesome!

The sex was off the charts HOT, especially the ass play for Deacon, meaning he liked getting his ass plugged which I know lots of readers didn't like, but I read MM so I thought is was SMOKIN'! I think at some point, we had a bit too much sex scenes, but they were hot so I got over it. But I could have done with less of them.

My one major complain (which is why I didn't give this book 5 stars) is than when Deacon comes back to grovel and get his woman back instead of explaining first and have smokin' hot sex after, they first fucked and the had the talk. Supposedly the hot sex "proved" that he was hers etc. That's so annoying and stupid. I mean your man leaves you for 6 months, breaks your hart and when he comes back to explain why, you first have sex and then words? WHAT? I mean, yeah.. he played her that song, but that just wasn't enough IMO. But that's it. Other than that I loved how their love story build and how we got to know Deacon.