Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm - John  Goode I love these books more and more every time I read them! Exquisite!

Also I have to admit some things I got better this time around, or because I knew what was coming payed more attention to details? I don't know.. I just want to say, this is the type of book you need to read more than once to truly appreciate it. I love this Universe!

BR with Paul, August 2015



First read October 2014



so much happened in this book I don't know where to start!!

*rolls up shirt sleeves, wriggles fingers*

I guess I should start with the main character (as least in my opinion):

~ RUBER (also know as my future fiancé,the love of my life etc)


Isn't he sexy?

Also extremely badass or as Kane more than eloquently put it "Okay, so Ruber is kinda gangsta"! Damn right! Do you think I just marry anybody? Needless to say that Ruber saves the day on multiple occasion and during the course of the action we get to Crystal Court (my hubby's crib) and find out why Ruber left and that also apparently I was very close to being a queen (since he was heir). We meet his evil father, for whom I don't care one bit (misogynistic, arrogant, pompous err.. rock!), his younger brother (adorable) and his sister (kickass babe)! We also meet Molly here, who's a clockwork companion and so, so awesome! (I won't say more cause you really need to discover her by yourselves, totally worth it!).
At one point John almost earned my eternal wrath by almost killing Ruber!! You're safe for now, John, but I'm watching you!

Now let's get to the actual main characters (if you want to be technical about it):

Kane and Hawk were left quite in a bind at the end of "Distant Rumblings" and got separated. After some wicked shenanigans from Kane who can command Hawk's sword (creepy elders were involved), he together with Ruber and the new addition to the team Ferra (ice woman) go in search of Hawk (who was gravely injured).
During this time, Puck (we hate him btw) unleashes all kinds of hell (green children, goblins etc *all the creatures as so freaking cool I can't even explain*) on Hawk's home and we get a glimpse of his parents (Hawk's that is) and we gather that we don't like his stupid father but his mother is cool and powerful!

There are some cool things happening to/with Hawk and Kyle so just go on and read this wonderful series!

Lovely, mushy heart quotes:

"THE moment I saw Hawk, everything changed."

"Just the thought that someone somewhere might feel the same way about you as you do about them can make your whole day better. But the fact, the absolute knowledge, changes your life."

"My people call it The Calling. It is when two people meet and have an instant connection. It’s more than just physical looks and fondness, but a bond that makes them feel as if they have known each other forever."

“You’re wrong,” Hawk said, kneeling next to Kane “There is a power greater than death.” “And that is?” Ruber asked skeptically.“Love.”

I really liked the two dark elves and I'm really sad about what happened! Maybe we can do something about that, John? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*

John, this is such a wonderful Universe that you have created, I'm in awe of the way your mind works! Looking forward to the next books (I understand that besides book #3, there's a 4th one in the works? :D)