Last Dance with Mary Jane

Last Dance with Mary Jane - John  Goode April 29th, BR with Julie, Paul and Elsbeth!!!! :D

April 29th, BR with Julie, Paul and Elsbeth! (and whomever wants to join :D)

I don't even know what to say.. This was such an amazing and beautiful read..

Is it sad?

Is it gonna rip out your heart and make you cry until you can't breath anymore?

Is it a tribute to the love two people can have for each other no matter the circumstances?

Are you gonna smile at all while reading it?
Yes, because John has a way with words I've yet to encounter and our guys are funny..

Are you gonna fall in love with the story even though it broke your heart?
Yes! You have no idea...

Am I still crying while writing this review?

But man oh man do you have to read this book! I never thought I would adore a book without a HEA so much.. though the way I see it, they got their HEA...

No, I'm sorry I can't do this book justice with my review..

John, you are without a doubt my favorite author. You have a way to touch my heart .. it's magical :) thank you for being a writer!!!