151 Days

151 Days - John  Goode Review on the 2nd read August 2015

I won't do a big full review for my second read since the one before still says all I feel about the book, but I do want to say that this time around Jeremy's POV and story was the one that touched me the most.. I guess after knowing the outcome already it was easier to just concentrate on hearing his story. I cried for most of it because no child, teenager or adult should fell like him, EVER.. and sadly there are many like him out there.. we should do our best to help and guide them to a happy life. There's a beautiful author's note at the end regarding this, check it out.

And I will leave you with a few lines from Kyle's valedictorian speech:

“We are going to go out into the world, and we are going to find those people who are filled with hatred, and we are going to tell them their time is done here. That we will not tolerate that crap anymore. You want to know who we are and where we are going?”

“We are coming for you, and we are coming for your world, and we are pissed. If you stand for hate and for discrimination and you can’t see that all people are worth something, then know this. We are the graduating class of Foster High, and your days are numbered.”

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Review September 2014

I'm giving this stunning-amazing-beautiful-heartbreaking-heartwarming book 10 stars and I don't care if you say I can't:


OK.. OK.. *deep breathing* I can do this!
I'm really nervous about writing this review since I'm not good at them and I loved this extraordinary book so much there's no way I an do it justice..
Most of you, my reading friends, have read or are in the process of reading it now so I won't try to do a summary because I most definitely be all spoilerish (I'll still probably be so if you haven't read it yet GO READ IT RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!)

OK, so.. *exhale*

I adore John Goode's voice so he had me enthralled right from the dedication page! Or if you (read "I") insist to be corny..

John.. image

What I enjoyed most about "151 days" were the different POVs. The fact that I was able to have a glimpse in the mind of each character made me connect with them so much better. I would have never been able to understand why Jeremy did what he did if not for this.

DOROTHY AIMES: not the best mother (massive understatement) and woke up too little to late, but by reading her thoughts I was able to not hate her.

COACH GUNN: A wonderful and honest man. He impressed me so much with the way he saw the world, being gay and just being a human being! I loved seeing Brad and Kyle through his eyes and most importantly:

"So I don’t want you thinking I’m some old, homophobic asshole who hates fags, ’cause I
don’t. I’m allowed to not like something if I want; that’s my right.
What isn’t my right is taking rights away from other people.
When a person puts a uniform on, raises their hand, and swears to uphold and defend
the Constitution, the rights given to Americans by that Constitution become something
special. If I am going to take a bullet for those damn words, those words better mean something.
Not just for the people I agree with, but for everyone."

(one of the best scenes in this book)

JENNIFER: I think any young woman would be lucky to have her as a role model. The scene when she was thirteen and decided that she will be her own person was beautiful! (and also funny :P) She may have lost her way for a while there but in the end she was a very good friend.

ROBBIE: Oh, Robbie! I may do the unspeakable and say he is my favorite character (OK, so he's tied with Kyle). I can never imagine what would be like to go through loosing your partner the way he did. So I get that he was at times maybe too mean or too jaded bla bla bla.. Still he has a strength about him that is beautiful to see and also he's so funny I was lol-ing all over the place!! I can't wait for his story!!!!
(As a side note I just want to say that I will always be heartbroken because of Riley..his letter for Robbie was just... *sniff* John, can you maybe make a ghost story for him? So we can see him happy and well? Pretty please with a cherry on top?)

JEREMY: Ah, yes.. Jeremy.. You see while reading his POV, I was always torn between wanting to cuddle him to protect him from this cruel world and smack him on the back of his head! While I know there are many, many children out there being abused and ignored I always ask myself: how is this possible? HOW? So while Jeremy's actions were misguided and at times evil, I could never really condemn him.. He just wanted to be loved and noticed.. Imagine going through what he did.. Would you still be alive? I'm so happy with the way John chose to handle the end. I'm so happy Jeremy got a second chance!

There were other POVs, but they didn't mean to me as much as the ones mentioned here.

BRAD: He's awesome as we all know! I loved seeing him growing to be a wonderful young man who knows what he wants and takes care of him man. I loved that he choose to be real, choose to support Kyle even when he didn't get the whys of it.. All teenage guys/girls out there should be so lucky as to have him as a first (and only) love!

Kyle: I adore him! He's unique and smart and funny and determined and I could go on forever.. But he's not perfect.. and it killed me to see them suffer through that terrible and stupid breakup. It made me afraid to realize that if we're not careful we can transform a lovely idealist young man into a distrustful bitter person.. His speech at the end made me cry and hope that sometimes in the future people will stop hating what they don't understand; will stop hating what's different; will stop hating other people just because they exist.. WILL STOP HATING!

JOHN, as always your author's note was beautiful despite the sad facts that you shared with us. I'm happy you are now a writer who can bring us these magnificent stories and hopefully reach the hearts of many, many people! I adored this book!


p.s. I'm afraid to re-read this so forgive any spelling, expressing and stupid mistakes!