Distant Rumblings

Distant Rumblings  - John  Goode Even better on the second read!!!

And what was way cool is that I noticed more of the little clues John is leaving throughout the book.


BR with Paul :D - August 2015



First read October 2014

BR with Julie, Elsbeth and Momo!

Hy! *waves*

I could just say this is a John Goode book and leave it at that and everybody would know what I mean and scurry off to read it! (at least they better know what I mean, if not what's wrong with you?)

"Distant Rumblings" is an amazing book with lots of action, awesome characters (Ruber I love you!!), super cool and interesting plot (luurve the book/play and the nine worlds correlations! --> curios what I'm talking about? *evil green* READ THE BOOK!) and so, so, SO funny!!!! (this is me through most of the book:

Regarding the kickass characters? (Ruber I love you!!) :


(Zip it, this is how I picture him)

"My name is Kane Vess, and I have lived in Athens, Iowa, my entire life.[..] . I was trying to find a place under my arm or behind my books and happened to look up as he walked by. I was so shocked, I slammed full force into the guy in front of me. That was the most obviously gay thing I had done so far in high school, and that included my ABBA phase. "


 "Hawk’keen Maragold Tertania, prince and heir to the Arcadia throne" aka HAWK

(this beautiful suggestion for Hawk was kindly provided by John :->)

“I said gay.” He nodded. “Yes, happy.” “Gay!” I shouted. “As in, I like other men.” [..]“Oh, you enjoy males more than women,” he said excitedly. “And that is what makes you happy? Why didn’t you say so? I find males much more pleasurable as well. Are you trying to initiate sexual activities now?”
"How about we split a rosemary chicken with the baby potatoes." "Your potatoes have children?" Hawk asked paling. "And you eat them?"

The way he didn't get what Kane was saying and kept misunderstanding things was hilarious and so, so, endearing!
But he also had a point:

“So your society is based on money, and you give the most money to the prettiest people.Your leaders make less money than the pretty people who, unlike the best looking people in my world, are not trained to lead. So the rich, pretty people are ‘idols’ because they’re rich and pretty? And useless,” he said, sitting down across from me. I opened my mouth to say something when the other people in the diner began to clap. Cries of “You tell them! Capitalism sucks, man!” echoed throughout the restaurant as they thought Hawk just another eccentric hippie.


RUBER (I luve you!)

(hands down my favorite character (in case you didn't pick up on that)

"I could swear the gem’s voice became boastful as it said, “I am the Raatnaraj Ruber Scientia, first consular to the Stone Throne and was a personal gift to the royal family of Arcadia by the Djupur himself.” “Ruber?” Not wanting to ask the stone what any of that meant because the gem seemed so proud of it that it might be taken as an insult. “You may refer to me as that, yes.”

Also, diamonds suck!!! "Diamonds are excessively pampered, ignorant inbreds that rule only because of tradition. I assure you, anything a diamond can do a ruby can do better, and with color I might add." That was it. I just insulted a talking rock.

We also have Spike and some dark elves but I don't feel like making a big deal about them, other than to say that in the end I did feel bad about Spike and I could see where he was coming from.. I was a little sad about the outcome :(

I'm not sure if this review makes much sense but hopefully you got the main idea, which is


p.s. when starting this first installment in series make sure you have book 2 available cause you'll need it!!!! ( just trust me on this :->)