End of the Innocence

End of the Innocence - John  Goode 1 BILLION stars! It was even better when rereading it!

I'm just gonna leave you with John's words from his author note:

"For some kids out there, what is in this book is their real life.

There are kids out there right now walking around thinking about killing themselves. You may never know it, they may never even let on about it, but they are seriously thinking about it.

Your story is as, if not more, important than the one you just read. You cannot let the people whose hearts are filled with hate beat you down. You just can’t. We are all people, and we are all deserving of respect. And you can’t let anyone take that away from you. Ever.

Then let me be a magic Kindle for you, if only for a few seconds.
You’re going to end up just fine.
Don’t give up, not yet.
John Goode
Sitting by the second window at Nancy’s with my laptop open"

I just want to say that I hope every girl or boy out there gets to read John' books, I hope that John will get to be the "magic Kindle" for every kid or adult out there that needs it.

You touch my heart, John!


EPIC BR with Paul and Elsbeth!



1st read August 2014

It is really necessary to explain again how much I love this series?

Yeah, didn't think so!!!

This one was bittersweet.. I loved Kyle's badassness, Brad's patience, Robbie's exuberance, Jennifer's good heart... but I was dreading the outcome regarding Kelly with all my heart; because yes, I could see it coming... *sobs*

One more thing I want to mention! The John author's note at end is what I loved the most about this book and I cried all the way through it..

I think you're wonderful John! I adored your words so, so much!