Splinters - Thorny Sterling I would like to start by saying that the reason I wanted to read this book is because I've been following Thorny's blog for a while now and I am absolutely charmed by this man! Reading about his daily shenanigans and following the love story between him and his husband (Jazz) developing has been really, really amazing! It's like reading small chapters of a book that is Thorny's life! I think he's wonderful!

That being said, I quite enjoyed this funny and sweet book. There are a lot of instances where I feel Al was shaped in Thorny's image (see womens lingerie :P) and Duke in Jazz's and I really liked this :D I'm a sucker for fem characters and Al is one through and through. Duke is a very charming, gentle cowboy who rescued Al from a sticky situation.

Though I'm not crazy about insta-love, the connection between the MC was sweet and I really enjoyed their lovemaking scenes *sly look*

What I didn't particularly like was the whole situation with Duke's family. It was a bit far-fetched even though I understood the "whys" and whatnot.

This was Thorny's first and only book so far, so I'm keeping my eye open for more to come :D

p.s. The beautiful cover art is made by Thorny himself! He's a very talented painter :D