Brute - Kim Fielding I wrote a big-ass and lovely review for this wonderful book but goodreads stole it from me and I'm really sad :((

So I'll just recap really quickly:

"Brute" is a fabulous and amazing fairytale about kindness, self sacrifice and love. The world building is EXTRAORDINARY and I loved every minute (word) of it.

You're going to fall in love with Aric and Gray,two broken men who save each other..

“Th-thank you, Brute.”
“It’s not my name.” He clearly was no master of his own tongue.
But Gray only tilted his head. “What?”
“Brute. It’s what they call me. What everyone calls me, ever since… since I was a boy. But it’s
not my name.”
“Wh-what is your name?” Gray’s voice was soft.
“Aric. I’m Aric.”
Gray smiled. “Hello, Aric.”

“Don’t t-tell you my heart
beats for you? Don’t tell you my s-soul sings for you? Don’t tell you that you’re hope to me, l-life to me, the c-center of my fucking universe?”
Aric tried to get a response out, but his treacherous tongue now refused to work at all.
“I love you, idiot,” Gray said.
“But… I’m—”
“Don’t you d-dare say you’re ugly or stupid or w-worthless. Don’t you dare! Y-you’re a giant because an ordinary man’s body is t-too small for what you are.”

I'm in love with this story.