Manipulation - Eden Winters I've been waiting for this forth installment in the "Diversion"series for what feels like forever!! It was totally worth it though, Eden did not disappoint!


we have one Simon “Lucky” Harrison, former known as Richmond Eugene Lucklighter (a fake death may have happened)

(This is how I picture him, don't care what you think unless is "yummy! I would love me some of that!")

As I was saying, Lucky is a member of the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau (SNB), Starbucks coffee addict, foul mouthed and cranky as hell bastard but who gets all mushy inside when thinking of his lover, his boo (<-- see what I did there? no? well just keep on reading)<br/>
Add to this, one William Patrick “Bo” Schollenberger (now do you see what I did there ^? - his nickname is BO and he's Lucky's boo! get it? *narrows eyes* well, it was funny in my head!!) - (no fake death so far, so that's his real name)

(yeah, you know it! I don't even care he's not a brunette as Bo is supposed to be)

Bo, is also a member of Southeastern Narcotics Bureau (SNB), a vegetarian, stevia enthusiast, neat freak and usually an even tempered guy but for the past 2 books he's been deep undercover as Cyrus Cooper (drug lord, bike riding motherfucker! - *shivers*).

I'm trying really hard for this to be a spoiler free review so I'm not gonna go into details, but the gist is Lucky and Bo find themselves in Mexico (courtesy of a major asshole from Lucky's past) in the middle of a drug war with no contact to their SNB division. Because of the asshole's (that's I've been calling him through the book) actions, Bo is put in a very difficult situation and he's starting to question his loyalties, while Lucky is trying to come to grips with his past and has doubts about his current SNB boss. Their relationship is also going through some hard times but after after Bo finally comes clean about some stuff and Lucky gets over his fear of commitment, things get back on track.

"Manipulation" is faced paced, funny, hot and packed full of action. If it wasn't for stupid RL getting in the way I would have finished this that day it came out! What I do want to emphasize is that Eden Winters's writing is flawless, the attention to details is extraordinary, she really did her job when it comes to research! I'm more than happy with how this all turned out! (I'm especially tickled about Lucky coming clean with Walter about them :D)

Looking forward to Lucky and Bo's next adventure, I'm curious whether Bo is able to get past his experience in Mexico!

If you haven't read the series so far I'm urging you to do this now, it's getting better and better!