Burned (Fever #7)

Burned (Fever #7) - Karen Marie Moning I'm disappointed! *sniff*


Spoilers ahead so be warned!

I don't know what happened *sobs* After reading some reviews a minute ago I understand KMM got back-splash for Iced, because Dani was 14 and apparently people got pedophile alerts!! I don't get why, Dani acted exactly like 14 year old should and there was nothing inappropriate in my opinion but apparently people got upset so Karen Marie Mooning tried to make it all better by making Burned from Mac's POV! WTF? I didn't want to read more about Mac and Barrons!!! I was done with them. I loved them, so, so much but I was happy with the ending they had and KMM had to ruin that with boring facts and whatnot. Bleah!

This was supposed to be Dani's book!!! I get why she made her get lost in the Silvers and come back 5 years older, it was time for some hot action and I get why she came back as Jada that was really interesting and I'd be interested to see what happens next but this book was soBORRING!! NOTHING HAPPENED! It used to be that I couldn't put down one of KMM books, so many questions, so much stuff happening, I was on a permanent high.. Now I was just.. yeeah.. interesting.. but I don't care that much.. Also she ruined Ryodan for me.. He was not like this.. He was a badass, mean, heartless bastard.. I want him back!!!

The ending was EPIC, in the sense I had no idea that was the end... It's as if I would brake in mid sentence and then stop talking.. Even though it isn't any major Dun Dun Dun (cause I could see that coming) it was unexpected, so well played..

Then why 3 stars if I'm that disappointed? Well it's not a bad book; if one didn't have certain expectations and hasn't read the previous books this is actually ok.. Very beautiful writing, but just no passion..

It shows that KMM actually wanted to write a different book but got scared of all the negative reactions from Iced, for that I'm really disappointed in her, she sold out...

Hope the next one is better and it's not from Mac's POV. I don't even like Mac in this book, she's not Mac.. just a bad copy..

I'll stop talking before I downgrade my rating..