In the Middle of Somewhere

In the Middle of Somewhere - Roan Parrish 4.5 stars

Wow! And to think I almost DNF this at 10 % *sheepish look*. Why? Because I hate the insta-love/lust crap and the jumping into bed (or tree) on the 1st meeting.
But luckily I powered through it and I don't regret it for a second. I loved Daniel and Rex together. And if at the beginning I liked Daniel more, as the book progressed we learn more and more about Rex and I fell in love with him. I now totally get what all the girls were talking about when saying they want a Rex of their own. I want a Rex of my own too!!! But I also adore Daniel, he was so funny with all the horror movie references.
Also, Leo!!! He was such a sweetheart!! I just wanted to squish him!

Full disclosure: I skipped almost all the sex scenes, first of all they were too long (beautiful but too freaking long) and too many of them. Not so much that this could be called erotica, but too many for my taste.

Thank you very much Elsbeth for my present! You are the best!